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is the abbreviation for three-dimensional. It refers the spatial representation of bodies and usually consists of the space dimensions length, height and width. To represent an object in 3D means to map each point of this object and its position in space by a vector whose components define the coordinates in three-dimensional space.


3DAWin (Software)

provides users of the nexonar tracking systems with a tool which, based on the generated space coordinates, is able to carry out quick evaluations of the motion signals, e.g. Arbitrary movements such as grasping movements, movements while playing music, movements during sports or movements of objects in the room. 3DAWin can synchronize with the nexonar Motion Visualizer.This makes a parallel video analysis possible. Read more...


is the abbreviation for 6 degrees of freedom and denotes the 6 degrees of freedom of an object in space (aviation term), forward / backward, up / down, right / left, left / right variation, yaw (rotation around the vertical axis of the object ), angular movement right / left, tilt (rotation around the sideways axis of the object), rolling motion (rotation around the forward axis of the object).

Assembly Scout (Software)

The nexonar Software Assembly Scout assists workers in manual assembly and order picking. Tool positions or positions of hands and fingers can be precisely measured in real time. The software captures the processes with millimeter precision in their movement and offers the possibility to record and control them in large measuring volumes. Workers are guided through their assembly process with the nexonar system. Read more...

Assembly Scout AR App

The augmented reality glasses from Microsoft is used as a part of the nexonar Assembly Scout.
It can facilitate complex, multi-location assemblies in real time by simulating an immediate visual impression of the relevant position sensing from the assembly scout to the real workstation.The position data of the HoloLens are fused with the data of the nexonar system.The MQTT protocol (Message Queue Telemetry Transport), which has become popular in the machine-to-machine environment, integrates the nexonar assembly scout AR APP and enables data exchange.The system offers good opportunities, especially when training new employees. Read more...



Coordinate Measuring Machine im Maschinenbau (deutsch Koordinatenmessgerät) - ein >Koordinatenmessgerät ist ein Messgerät zur Bestimmung der kartesischen Koordinaten (X, Y, Z) eines Punktes an einem Objekt im Raum. Aus der Verbindung von mehreren Messungen weiterer Punkte mit einer Datenverarbeitung ergeben sich dann verschiedene geometrische Größen und Eigenschaften eines Messobjekts.

Hard Probe Lite IR

is a measurement component of nexonar for 3D coordinate acquisition in combination with the software nexonar Motion Visualizer and the software nexonar Assembly Scout. A reference coordinate system can be taught-in, by touching reference points.Unlike the handheld Hard Probe, the Hard Probe Lite IR provides the ability to attach the probe tip to an object. Multiple Hard Probe Lites IR can be used simultaneously. Read more...

IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)

Inertial sensors are used to measure accelerations and yaw rates.The acceleration of the six variances (6DOF) can be measured by combining several inertial sensors in an inertial unit of measurement (Unit). Read more...

IR Single Camera

procedures identify infrared (IR) LEDs in 3D space.The 6DoF tracking has been specially developed for applications which measures objects or persons in a larger environment.Compared to ultrasound-based components, IR Technology offers the opportunity to analyze several objects simultaneously in 3D space up to 162 Hz (nearly real-time) Read more...


Life Science

Life science is synonymous with food science.It refers to research directions and courses that deal with processes or structures of living beings or in which living beings are involved.


is the abbreviation for motion capture.

Measuring technology

at nexonar deals with devices and methods for the determination (measurement) of 3D coordinates. It also deals with physical quantities, for example distances, force, pressure, temperature or time.

Motion Capture

Motion detection, also motion tracking. It refers to a tracking method that describes the detection of movements in a readable format for computers. 3D motion capture applications, such as nexonar components, allow the analysis, recording and processing of motion.

Motion Tracking

also known as motion capture, a tracking method that describes the capture of movements in a readable format for computers. Motion tracking applications, such as the nexonar components, allow movements to be analyzed, recorded and processed.

nexonar MotionLab

nexonar's MotionLab can realize variable measuring space sizes through the adaptive arrangement of the IR cameras. It can perform flexible measurement and analysis of dynamic processes as well as measurements of static coordinates. Smallest movements can be measured in real time and make it possible to sight a variety of movement sports.The nexonar system creates new possibilities for 3D motion capturing and coordinate measurement in the areas of industry, automation, medicine, life science and sports due to its easy handling. Read more...

Motion Visualizer (Software)

is the configuration tool for all nexonar tracking components. It is available as single and as cluster edition to set different setups. The software is a great tool for creating studies under laboratory conditions. Videos can be recorded simultaneously to the motion analysis. Read more...

PowerInspect (Software)

is a 3D coordinate measuring technology for the nexonar system that enables a cost-effective solution with the Hard Probe Lite to capture 3D measurement data. You can easily create complex freeform surfaces on different inspection hardware. Read more...

XYZ coordinates

denotes the Cartesian coordinate system for describing an object in 3D space.


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