nexonar Assembly Scout - for manual assembly and commissioning 

The Scout analyzes and assists movements in 3D space

Despite a high proportion of automation, manual assembly and picking remain an integral part of production and logistics. The collaboration between humans and technical systems provides ways to achieve maximum exibility and efficiency.

The repeatability of processes is guaranteed with machines, in most cases. The human advantage of flexibility becomes a disadvantage when tasks are processed incorrectly.

nexonar Assembly Scout Workstation

The Scout analyzes in real time and thus prevents errors with:

  • monotonous repetitive tasks.
  • the processing of complex tasks that are rarely performed.
  • variation diversity - highly dynamic processes and their associated manufacturing instructions (e.g. picking).
  • frequently changing staff.
  • the training of personnel.

The Scout assists the operator with:

  • clear statements with images, text and audio (voice output).
  • automatic signalling of position achievement to higher- level systems (no physical (hand) con rmation required).
  • Bio feedback option for process steps succesfully carried out.
  • Bio feedback for process steps unsuccesfully carried out.
  • automatic communication with the ERP system or control point.


The Operator Assistance System in use

The system is configured by the simple programming of the manufacturing instructions and the associated assembly points at the workstation.

Various interfaces are optionally available to link ERP and control points.

One or more nexonar cameras can be positioned depending on workplace size and workflow. These are used for the acquisition of spatial coordinates and the orientation of nexonar infrared targets. Each of these targets can be captured with 6 degrees of freedom by a single camera.

The IR Targets are attached to the objects that are to be measured (arms, hands, head or tools – such as a screwdriver).

nexonar Assembly Scout Workstation Hands

Up to 16 different objects can be tracked with 6 degrees of freedom in the measuring area. Individual adjustments to multiple objects are possible.

8 operators – each with a tracker on the lleft and right arm or 16 different tools

All can be identified at the same time, individually, in a work area. Even very fast movements can be captured without error, with high repeatability.

nexonar cameras

With 1 - 16 cameras a wide variety work stations can be captured. Generally, 1-2 cameras are sufficient for an assembly station.

After the start of the production process, which happens manually or through the control station software, the nominal positions of the respective manufacturing instructions are now compared to the actual positions of the hands, fingers, or, for example, the nut of a screwdriver. The measured object positions release an automatic confirmation of the successful completion of a target position and allow the continuation to the next step of the process.

nexonar Camera Tracking Hands Areas

The operator receives a signal and the next production instruction.

All other positions can be virtually "closed"; i.e. when making a faulty engagement position the operator is immediately informed that this is wrong.

The fault is prevented.


The flexible system offers many possibilities

An infinite number of combinations of manufacturing instructions are quick and easy to produce.

The system can be easily retrofitted to jobs. The component boxes do not require complicated wiring. No additional sensors are needed to implement the quality standards.

nexonar Hand Tracking

Even without an ERP system and connection to a control network, the Assembly Scout is simple to use.

The 6DoF tracking has been developed specifically for applications in which objects or people need to be measured in small but also in larger environments. The IR technology offers the option of analyzing multiple objects at the same time in 3D space with up to 162 Hz in quasi real time. The nexonar IR SCT system detects a work area with a depth of 0.2 – 20 m, dependent on the size of the IR targets and the relevant accuracy requirements for the application in question.

nexonar Body Tracking

nexonar IR LED Trackers are offered in various sizes, depending on the requirements, The standard Tracker sizes are small, medium and large. Housing forms and technical adjustments are feasible.

Precise measurement of movements in an area is easily made possible by IR technology – whether it's people, tools, machines or vehicles. The applied technology is simple, accurate and cost-effective when compared to existing technologies.

nexonar Tracking Screwdriver


The most important facts at a glance
nexonar Assembly Scout Measurement Area

  • Error-free hand assembly work
    (Poka Yoke - zero error principle)
  • Improvement of quality in assembly throughputs, process safety
  • Wireless review of grasping sequences by operators
  • Wireless review of tool positions (e.g. screw positions)
  • 16 objects can be measured in parallel, along with 6 degrees of freedom (X/Y/Z Yaw/Pitch/Roll)
  • 162 Hz sampling frequency - very fast movement can also be captured
  • Standard measuring distance up to 5.50 m
  • Sampling positions do not need light barriers for detection, e.g. of fingers
  • Quick and easy training of employees
  • Easy installation
  • Intuitive user interface for the software
  • Visualized process software
  • Easy,flexible adjustments of software for different conditions
  • New grasping sequences are easy to programme
  • nexonar MTM tracking software with an open interface for integration into existing systems


nexonar Assembly Scout and picking

Pick-by-light systems cost valuable time by having to press the confirmation button after each selection process in a box. This time per selection can be saved. The nexonar Assembly Scout requires not only no confirmation of the hand movement but also detects any hand movement in any direction (6DOF).

In addition, the time-consuming wiring and installation of Pick-by-Light systems have a high cost factor that can also be saved with the nexonar Assembly Scout. 


Time savings during the monitoring of gripping positions

The intelligent nexonar software system "Assembly Scout" supports the picker in a manual assembly process and makes error-free work possible.

-> More efficient than pick-by-light systems (time and initial cost savings)
-> More efficient than scanner based systems (time savings)
-> Reduction of errors, because incorrect grips are immediately recognized

= Your competitive advantage by improving the productivity of your employees


nexonar Assembly Scout – experience Poka Yoke!
The software system with the zero-error principle is so easy

The nexonar Assembly Scout is connected with a nexonar Single Camera. This is adjusted in the direction of the intervention areas. A nexonar Tracker is located on the glove or on the arm of the worker. The camera picks up the signals of the nexonar Tracker with 6DOF in virtual real time. Up to 16 Trackers can be captured with a nexonar Single Camera in an area of approximately 8.8 x 4.8 m.

Assembly Scout workspace

A nexonar Single IR Camera System records a work area with a depth of 0.2 - 5.5 m. And for special developments up to even 20 m, depending on the size of the nexonar IR Tracker and the accuracy requirements relevant to the application.

The system can be quickly retrofitted to workplaces. The component boxes do not need complicated wiring. No additional sensors are required for quality assurance. Even without an ERP system and connection to a control network, the Assembly Scout is simple to use. The nexonar Assembly Scout can be aligned to your application in a short time.

Hard Probe Lite Teach-In

The worker makes contact on a calibration button with a tweezers grip and sets the gripping positions of his finger position by clicking. Now the positions of the two finger tips caught by the 3D camera.

handle to a calibration button

With the help of a nexonar Hard Probe Lite the contact areas of the boxes and the grip sequences can be set. The alignment is easily and quickly done with the nexonar software "Assembly Scout". Different formulas can be configured or loaded.



By using the nexonar Assembly Scout, the industrial wearable computing solutions "Pick-by-Vision", from Ubimax, can be equipped with intelligent software

In warehouses, the pickers organize incoming and outgoing goods, sort goods, check stocks and perform inventories. To help staff save time and improve quality, the nexonar Assembly Scout can be used. The pickers are equipped with smart glasses from Ubimax, through which they receive virtual screen messages. The location of the pickup order within a warehouse is shown using arrows.

Ubimax Pick-by-vision
Foto by Ubimax GmbH

Arriving at the correct shelf, the pickers can see which part they must select by hand and put on the transport cart with the help of the message shown in the smart glasses. The worker wears a nexonar tracker on his arm and receives a confirmation with the correct selection. In case the worker makes an selection error he also gets a message via the smart glasses.

Ubimax kombiniert mit nexonar

 As an alternative to the smart glasses a Ubimax smart watch can also be used, which can issue pick-up orders. The next pick- up order appears on the screen, displaying, for example, the shelf and tray number.

The "pick-by-vision" system allows picking in which both hands of the employees remain free and thus increasing the speed.

Only wi-fi is required in the logistics halls to implement this. The pickers need neither a map nor a work list of the pick-up orders in the hand. Neither do the steps of the process need to be confirmed by pressing any buttons anywhere in the ware- house.

With the use of modules from Ubimax to check weight, barcode scans or voice confirmations, error rates can be further reduced.



The nexonar Assembly Scout and screwdriver mounting

In the automotive industry, workers at assembly areas perform different work steps. These workers must, for example, place bolts in engine blocks and tighten them. With the help of the nexonar software Assembly Scout, the screwdriver positions can be dynamically monitored.

For this, a nexonar Tracker is fastened on the screwdriver. The nut of the screwdriver is measured by the nexonar position calibrator and captured by pressing a button. Here, the position of the nut is captured and is continuously tracked when the screwdriver is moved.

A nexonar Single Camera is installed with a clear view to the assembly location. This records the movements of the nexonar Tracker with 162 Hz in virtual real time and gives the information directly to the nexonar Assembly Scout. The range of a single camera is approximately 8.8 m x 4.8 m. More cameras can be connected by clustering, thus increasing the measuring range.

The operator then enters his instructions in the Assembly Scout assistant-software and gets the relevant work information displayed on the screen.

After tightening the part, the next work step is displayed to the operator.

If the worker accidentally sets the screwdriver to a wrong screw, the screwdriver is not released and allows no action to be carried out. Errors can be avoided.

So, for example, different screwdrivers can be identified easily at a work station and the relevant steps or work areas activated or deactivated.

Controlled screwdriver assembly

A wide range of production sequences, depending on the product to be manufactured, can be stored in the software. Many configurations are possible. Existing sensors, proximity switches, or a feedback from the screw controller about a successful fitting can be integrated in quality control assessment. Even without an ERP system and connection to a parent network, the Assembly Scout is easy to use. 

The nexonar Safety Scout - collision detection of objects

The nexonar Safety Scout software was designed to allow for collision detection of objects in 3D space.

Safety areas can be de ned statically as well as with a dynamic spatial volume, for example with robots and people moving with and about an object.

Dependent on movement-based safety rules, a robot can be suspended automatically, for example, if a safety rule has been broken.

Distances between various objectives are measured in real time. Up to 16 Trackers can be attached to people and objects, such as helmets or somewhere on the human body. If the operator moves into an unauthorised position the nexonar Safety Scout generates an alarm signal.

collision detection of objects

Additional software tools allow the measurement of workplace ergonomics. Ranges, contact angles, times and much more can be measured.

The system is exible, con gurable and can be adapted to a wide variety of jobs and tools.

Safety Scout Features

  • Spatial Collision Control
  • Rule based
  • Multi Tracker ID’s
  • Tools & User Tracker
  • Bodypart Tracking
  • Quality Assurance
  • Precise & Fast
  • Easy Setup

The minimum equipment consists of a nexonar IR Single Came- ra and a nexonar IR Tracker. The camera captures the Tracker with 6DOF in virtual real time. The measuring area of a Single Camera is approximately 8.8 m x 4.8 m with a depth of the work area of 0.2 - 5.5 m.

For special situations, a depth of up to 20 m can be achieved. This depends on the size of the nexonar IR Tracker and accuracy requirements relevant for the application.

Multiple cameras can be operated in parallel and so capture larger work areas.


The nexonar Assembly Scout enables dynamic measurement in flow production

The software system can be deployed for dynamic measurement in many areas of continuous flow production in the automotive industry.

Here, a reference Tracker is attached to the moving work piece. The reference Tracker forms a coordinate system and furthermore defines the target points on the work piece. The nexonar Camera captures the dynamic destination point and sends the location data in virtual real time to the nexonar Assembly Scout software. If steps are carried out, such as screw connections on the moving object, these can be checked for completeness or accuracy.

An example of dynamic positioning:

A nexonar IR Tracker is attached to the motor mount with a magnet. The operations on the engine block are now relative to the motion of the trackers on the engine block. After processing, the operator transmits the reference tracker with one hand grip.

The engine block has a reference tracker and is in constant motion within the measuring area of the nexonar camera. The reference tracker displays one or more target locations in three-dimensional space via the Assembly Scout software.

Different formulas can be created in nexonar Assembly Scout. As an example, the number of screw connections to be carried out can be defined. The operators can then see on screen what connections still need to be made to complete a step. 


Brochure & Demo-Video

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