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Highly precise, markerless 3D position detection of workpieces in flow production

Flow production creates new demands in the exact localization of workpieces. Simple methods are needed to detect moving objects on conveyor belts in their position and position.

Hand-held tools, such as radio-controlled nutrunners, are intended to be used on linear axes in their position and position relative to the workpiece in the production line, e.g. an engine or a vehicle body. In real time, it must be possible to perform spot-on monitoring within millimeter accuracy in order to control screwing sequences or to document the screw connection.

3D assembly tracking on moving lines | Assembly Scout

Line control systems today often provide no directly accessible or too inaccurate information about the line speed, in order to use this for the exact location of the moving workpiece. Often, workpiece carriers are also changed by workers within the flow process, since the carriers are not firmly connected to the line.

Other options include attaching passive or active markers captured by other positioning and localization systems, such as the nexonar motion capture system. Image analysis systems that detect and track objects in 2D or 3D can also be used. However, the configuration of the image acquisition systems is often very individual and causes considerable expense.

The new nexonar module "Laser Based Markerless Tracking" is part of the nexonar Motion Visualizer software, which is used to configure and capture 3D motion spaces based on IR, ultrasound and inertial sensors. One or more laser systems can be adapted. A fusion of laser signal and conventional positioning technology is carried out here, reconstructing a precise position and place of the moving object in 3D.

nexonar Laser 2

By "geofencing" the moving object, the nexonar Assembly Scout software checks, for example, whether the cordless nutrunner, equipped with a nexonar IR Tracker, reaches the correct screw location with its drive socket. The detection takes place in real time. Up to 16 screwdrivers can be detected in parallel and released if they are correctly positioned.

By combining laser and IR-based tracking, nexonar provides a solution that is cost-effective for installing complete fluid manufacturing.

nexonar is a brand of soft2tec GmbH. The team has been developing 3D tracking solutions for the industry and sports since 2002.

The nexonar 3D motion capturing and positioning systems are used in industrial production and product development in various fields. The customers of nexonar include: Audi, Opel, Daimler, BMW, GM, Thyssen-Krupp, Procter & Gamble, Borg Warner, Faurecia, Cummins, Desoutter, Apex and many more.

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Hannover fair 2019

Logo Messe Hannover

Visit us at the Hannover fair in hall 7 booth F30 on 01.-04.04.2019.
On request at we will be happy to provide you with tickets.

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The nexonar Assembly Scout in the "Global Production Learning Factory" of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Networked production and industry 4.0 to touch and experiment with, KIT offers Global Production with its learning factory. nexonar is an integral part of the learning factory. A nexonar Assembly Scout System is installed on a manual assembly workstation. The system follows the assembly process step by step, ensures that the process sequence is adhered to, checks the correct execution for the position and displays the appropriate instructions for the upcoming work step.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gisela Lanza   (

The nexonar systems Assembly Scout and Motion Visualizer fit perfectly into the framework of our Global Production Learning Factory. Assembly Scout offers an efficient way to ensure the execution of manual work steps and thus contributes to quality assurance. Motion Visualizer offers a perfect evaluation basis for workplace analyses, for example, via the recording function of 3D motion sequences.


Martin Mack – Senior Consultant nexonar

We are very pleased about the cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Learning Factory Global Production to make Industry 4.0 a real experience. For us it is very important to constantly measure our system against the latest requirements. The feedback from the scientific community is extremely valuable to us. It is nice to see that the first Master Thesis at KIT, including nexonar Assembly Scout and Motion Visualizer, already begins with the handover of the Werker Assistenz System and hopes to provide a valuable contribution for the future new interfaces between man and machine."

nexonar Assembly Scout KIT Arbeitsplatz



Naacam Show in Durban ICC 2019
Africa's Automotive Component Initiative

Future of Manufacturing and the auto

Automation via robotics and increasingly autonomous data exchanges are the foundations of Industry 4.0. Firms have these foundations to a greater or lesser degree but must accelerate adoption to remain competitive. Leading thinker Yanesh Naidoo, Sales and Design Director of Jendamark, will share his perspectives.

Logo Naacam Show

Wednesday, 13 March 2019
13:30 - 15:00

Technical demo at the exhibition of the nexonar Assembly Scout

Thursday, 14 March 2019
07:00 - 10:00
10:15 - 11:00

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Trade fair

Presentation at the ProMat fair in Chicago

nexonar is represented in Chicago at the ProMat fair at April 8-11, 2019. Visit us at booth N6143 and test the Motion Capturing Worker Assistance System for precise position detection of tools and people in 3D space.

Logo ProMat 2019

Expert report

VDI Knowledge Forum on Digital Screwdriving Technology

04.-05.06.19 in Frankfurt am Main the experts Frank Honisch and Christian Marquardt will be present as speakers. They present the latest developments of nexonar digital screwdriving techniques. At the nexonar exhibition stand, interested parties can then convince themselves of the nexonar worker assistance system and, for example, track screw positions in workpieces using the software nexonar Assembly Scout.

Logo VDI Wissensforum

The lecture "The taxonomy of efficient tool use" at the VDI Wissenforum on the topic of digital screwdriving technology gives the industry food for thought

The experts Frank Honisch ( and Christian Marquardt ( will be speakers at the VDI Knowledge Forum in Frankfurt/M. from 4 to 5 June 19. 

In the today's industry ever higher quality controls are demanded within the range of the screw assemblies. New control systems with test methods for monitoring screwdriving positions are required, which should be highly precise, flexible and quickly configurable. 

In their lecture "The Taxonomy of Efficient Use of Tools" by Frank Honisch and Christian Marquardt, they deal with the following focal points: 

  • Precise data acquisition and kinematic analysis of movements in space
  • Critical factors for the quality of a motion execution
  • Classification of motion patterns
  • Implementation of motion analysis in screwdriving process monitoring and control
  • Application in process control and regulation

Interested parties can then convince themselves of the nexonar worker assistance system at their exhibitor stand and, for example, track screw positions in workpieces using the nexonar Assembly Scout software and gain an initial insight into data evaluation. 

The managing director of the nexonar brand, Frank Honisch, reports on his experiences. The always individual and demanding requirements of the industry demand the highest degree of flexibility and precision in hardware and software in order to meet the high quality demands of quality management on the international market. In the automotive industry alone, around xx nexonar Camera Tracking Systems are already in use in the factories of various manufacturers worldwide. 

Error-free work and extensive automatically generated documentation can be guaranteed in the factory assembly.

Information about the event:
Download program (German)


Trade fair

Impressions from Motek 2018

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nexonar Assembly Scout for QC in manual laboratory applications @ SIRRIS in Liège

The Assembly Scout checks the correct placement of samples into a sample tray in a analytical lab. The system checks that the sample is placed into the correct hole in the tray. Even pipettes can be fitted with a nexonar Tracker to make sure samples always go into the container that is targeted - quality control for manual laboratory applications.


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Trade fair news

Fair appointment Highlights 2018


Fair SPS IPC Drives
Nürnberg, 26.-29.11.2018

Logo Messe SPS IPC Drives



Assembly Show
Chicago, 23.-25.10.2018

Logo Assembly Show Chicago



Fair Hannover 
Hall: 17 Booth F57/1


Logo Messe Hannover


Fair Boston
Smart Manufacturng Experience


Logo Smart Manufacturing Experience



Fair automatica
Munich, 19.-22. Juni 2018
Hall: A5 Booth 106


Logo automatica



Fair Motek
Stuttgart, 08.-11.10.2018
Hall: 7 Booth: 7308


Logo Motek

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Fair News

Microsoft HoloLens - nexonar Assembly Scout AR App

Augmented Reality offers new options. The AR glasses from Microsoft are now used as part of the software nexonar Assembly Scout to store positions and optimize sequences. Especially in complex assemblies with many positions, it is very helpful in real time to get a direct visual impression of the relevant position detection in Assembly Scout in relation to the real workplace.

Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens and nexonar Assembly Scout

nexonar Assembly Scout AR App for Microsoft HoloLens

In the future, this new technology will also enable remote service operations to understand how a workplace has been set up. The system offers excellent possibilities, especially when training new employees.

The position data of the HoloLens are merged with the data of the nexonar system. The MQTT protocol (Message Queue Telemetry Transport), which has become popular in the M2M environment (machine to machine), integrates the spectacles and enables the data exchange.

The real workspace is displayed to the user along with the handling areas stored in the Assembly Scout.

Demo-Video: here

Visit us at the Motek Fair 2017, Stuttgart, 09-12.10.2017, Hall 7 booth 7003.
We will gladly send you free tickets on request.

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Fair News

Fair News - MOTEK 2017

Tool monitoring in combination with grip safety -
Exclusive licensed patent from Fraunhofer Institute

An exclusive patent license of a German patent 100 54 095, issued by the Fraunhofer Institute, secures nexonar the market for monitoring gripping and tools movements with ultrasound, IR and other technologies.

All technologies are now relevant within the industry 4.0 activities. More and more customers are approaching us and want to check the process progress from tool and hand movements in order to prevent errors at an early stage. The linking of work contents in the assembly area, e.g. screw technology and parallel control of the grip into the "right box" is now an important part of our further developments.

nexonar delivers technical systems for position-accurate positioning of moving objects in the production flow

Screw-point monitoring within millimeter tolerances, with moving objects, on the assembly line or also with an automatic goods transport system. The nexonar system offers a robust solution for quality assurance.

Desoutter Schrauber mit nexonar IR Tracker

Apex Schrauber mit nexonar IR Tracker

The nexonar tracker can easily adapt to a wide variety of different types of screwdrivers. The small and lightweight design offers a wide range of options to carry out precise positioning for screw point monitoring. Even multiple trackers on a screwdriver are possible for optimal visual connection between screwdriver and camera.

Workpiece carriers are are precisely placed in their position on a moving line.

The nexonar Assembly Scout software automatically assigns screw positions to different screwdrivers, whether in cycle or continuous flow production. The signal for the screwdriver approval is given at the relevant position in the process sequence, optionally also only as a signal to the control station PLC or through Open Protocol to the screwdriver guidance. Screw spacing of up to 1 cm can be resolved in the work area. 

Visit us at the Motek Fair 2017, Stuttgart, 09-12.10.2017, Hall 7 booth 7003. 
We will gladly send you free tickets on request.

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Trade fair news

Smart Worker Assistance - Industrial Motion Capturing

With the "nexonar Assembly Scout" software, movements of people and tools can be analyzed and evaluated. Action sequences of workers involved in manual assembly or tool guidance can be quickly learned and reviewed in real time to see what is possible to increase the cycle time and improve quality. The nexonar Safety Scout can also be used for collision detection of objects.

The latest innovative motion tracking tools from nexonar were presented at the Hanover Industrial Fair 2017. The applications were demonstrated at various demo points and could be tested by the visitors.

Those who missed the Hanover Trade Fair are welcome to visit us at the Control Fair 2017, Stuttgart, 09-12.05.2017, Hall 3 booth 3126.
We will gladly send you tickets on request.


The nexonar Assembly Scout and picking

It works without pick-by-light systems, bar code scanners or pressing a button after each step. For this, the picker is equipped with a tracker on the arm. Learn more


The wearable-computing solution "Pick-by-Vision" from Ubimax is equipped with intelligent software

The "pick-by-vision" system allows picking in which both hands of the employee remain free thus increasing the speed. Thanks to the support of the nexonar Assembly Scout, the working steps are faster and safer. Learn more 

Poke Yoke - flawless work with screwdriver assembly

In the automotive industry, workers in assembly areas perform different work steps. For example, these workers must place bolts in engine blocks and tighten them. With the help of nexonar Assembly Scout software, screwdriver positions can be monitored dynamically. Learn more



Video nexonar Assembly Scout - Picking Tools
nexonar Broschure - Assembly Scout
nexonar Broschure - with IR LED Tracking Tools

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Trade fair news

nexonar will present its 3D Motion Tracking Systems at the industry trade fair in Hannover on 24.-28. April 2017. The software Assembly Scout for manual assembly and picking is in the main focus of our fair presentation.

We would be pleased to provide you with tickets for your exhibition visit on request.
Visit us in hall 017 at booth F57 / 1.

Logo Messe Hannover

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Fair News


Logo Automotive Circle
nexonar presents its latest motion capture solutions for monitoring assembly tasks in the automotive industry.  "Automotive Circle Conference" - "Mounting Systems 2017" on 21.-22. February 2017 in Bad Nauheim

nexonar Tracking Schrauber

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Trade fair news


nexonar presened its innovativ worker assistance system "Assembly Scout" at the "PRODUCTION & LOGISTICS FORUM Berlin" on 2 and 3 November 2016. The focus of the conference was on interdisciplinary learning in the field of digitization of production and logistics. 

nexonar booth at the Production & Logistic Forum Berlin 2016

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Ubimax enters into a strategic partnership with soft2tec

Ubimax GmbH, a leading manufacturer of industrial wearable computing solutions, is entering a strategic partnership with soft2tec GmbH, under its tracking solutions brand name "nexonar." The focus of this cooperation is the combination of Ubimax' Smart Glass solutions with the innovative measuring and tracking systems of nexonar. This allows the automatic pick-up detection by "nexonar" a significant improvement of the order picking processes of the world's leading vision picking solution "xPick". The same optimization offers the bringing together of "xMake" and the automatic activity detection of the "nexonar Assembly Scout" for various production processes.

The first milestone in the new partnership, the connection between the two systems, has already been successfully implemented. Since the beginning of September a German car manufacture has been testing the systems in several locations. With the merging of the systems, the nexonar and Ubimax Team can offer new innovative logistics solutions, which will be effectively implemented  after a successfully completed test phase at the various plants.

xpick von Ubimax

nexonar Assembly Scout

"xPick" will be used, together with nexonar, to support order picking processes. Along with manual  order picking, incoming goods and outsourcing, the sorting of goods as well as inventory management and shortage management are also supported. With the integration of "nexonar" the information obtained by the automatic pick-up detection is sent via a server to the Smart Glasses of the operator. At the same time the movements of the operator can be captured, by means of a wrist-mounted IR tracker and an external camera. This "hands-free" combination of augmented reality and high-precision tracking hardware provides a significant improvement in working speed with a reduced error rate.

The unique combination of "xMake" and the "nexonar Assembly Scout" offers competitive business advantages on the shop floor. "xMake" is one of the ubimax developed innovative "make-by-vision" solutions for production, assembly and quality assurance. All relevant data, confirmation mechanisms and documentation capabilities are always directly in front of the eye of the worker. The meticulously working and scalable technology of "nexonar" configures and monitores 3D control areas or access sequences.  

In this way, complex scanning operations, stationary PCs or more expensive and inflexible Pick-to-Light modules are made superfluous. 

Ubimax CCO Jan Junker commented: "In partnership with soft2tec, we have found an excellent partner at our side, with which our wearable computing solutions can be profitably expanded" Frank Honisch, Managing Director of soft2tec, is convinced: "With Ubimax we get the ability to quickly and efficiently communicate with many workers simultaneously. Several different tasks can now be accomplished with 'nexonar' in parallel. This provides our customers with important new opportunities for the use of the 'nexonar Assembly Scout.'" 

The nexonar Assembly Scout demo video shows how the system works:


Logo Ubimax

Ubimax GmbH is a leading provider of industrial wearable computing solutions for organizations and businesses of all sizes. Through the use of state-of-the-art wearable computing technologies, Ubimax products enhance speed, quality and flexibility of the business processes of the user.

The Enterprise Wearable Computing Suite consists of "xPick" for oder picking, "xMake" for direct transfer and quality assurance processes, "xInspect" as help for support and maintenance technicians and "xAssist" as the Remote Assistance feature. With locations in Germany, USA and Mexico, more than ten years of experience and an extensive history of success in the areas of Wearable Computing, augmented reality, mixed reality and sensor systems, Ubimax is the clear market leader today, with more than 100 active customers.


Logo nexonar

nexonar is a brand of soft2tec GmbH ( in Ruesselsheim on Main. Since 2004, the now 30-member team of soft2tec has developed, among other things, 3D tracking solutions for sport and industry. The brand nexonar was launched in 2012. Today, 3D tracking solutions based on ultrasound and IR LED technology have been implemented for product research and product development  in various industrial areas. nexonar customers include Procter & Gamble, Opel, Daimler, BMW, Siemens and many more.

Event Information:
MOTEK TRADE FAIR 2016 // 10.10.-13.10.2016, nexonar - Hall 7 Stand 7401

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Trade fair news

10.10.–13.10.2016, Hall 7 Stand 7401

nexonar Assembly Scout

The nexonar Assembly Scout software is for pick & place applications. Time-consuming scanning is no longer necessary.

How the system works:

A nexonar IR LED Tracker is mounted on either the right or left hand or on the arm. The movements of the hands are then captured in quasi real-time from a single nexonar camera in three-dimensional space with 6DOF. 3D-control areas and access sequences are configured and monitored.

nexonar IR Tracker S-Size mit Handschuh

The facts and figures:

Positions can be monitored with accuracies of up to 0.3 mm. Fields of up to 7 x 5 x 6 m can be controlled with a single camera. With the clustering capability, up to 16 cameras or more can be set up to expand the measuring area.

Much time is saved by the positive intervention monitoring of the nexonar Assembly Scout. Complex scanning operations or even Pick-to-Light modules are made redundant. An automatic confirmation of an intervention in a preconfigured tracking area is generated through the nexonar system.

The Assembly Scout can also be deployed for assembly inspection. Movements of assembly tools such as screwdrivers or torque wrenches are hereby efficiently monitored in real time and the screw sequence secured. The Assembly Scout functions as a feedback system for determining the position of the hands and tools.

The Scout provides stable tracking of the human head for VR glasses applications - sequences can be configured and controlled using the flexible Assembly Scout. The resulting visualizations make Google Glass integration possible, for example from the company Ubimax.

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Trade fair / product news

nexonar IR Single Camera Tracking System - measurement and management of dynamic movements in 6DoF during assembly

Visit us at the trade fair Control in Stuttgart 26.-29.04.2016 at hall A3 Stand No. 3611. 

The new nexonar SCT system measures the dynamic movements of up to 16 objects with 6DoF in one workspace. The active nexonar IR Trackers are recorded in the IR band with a single camera in real time at 162 Hz. Distances of up to 20 m and more are readily available for special solutions. The system is extremely resistant to interference by external light and suitable for in and outdoor applications. The easy to use, low-cost and high-performance IR-based solution complements our ultrasound-based position detection system.

nexonar Messbereich IR Tracking

With the new IR technology, we are significantly more flexible than with our previous ultrasonic positioning system. It supports, amy more Trackers and provides higher precision. In addition, larger measuring distances are possible as well as higher usable sampling frequencies. Of particular significance is the reduced susceptibility to interference, especially in industrial environments, where sound-based methods can be put to limited use. Our ultrasound technology can still used in controlled environments. Both technologies use a software interface.

If the measuring area is not sufficient or there are problems with coverage, additional nexonar cameras can easily expand the basic system. A cluster edition of the nexonar motion visualizer software is available.

nexonar offers complete high performance solutions, which operate up to 16 cameras in parallel with 162 Hz.

A wide variety of measuring tasks can be implemented with the supporting nexonar software packages. The nexonar software motion visualizer is used to configure the motion capturing systems and can be used for measurement acquisition under laboratory conditions. The nexonar 3D Analyzer software is used for fast analysis of measurement results.

Real-time detection and control of motion based on our positioning components is also done with the new worker assistance system software, the nexonar Assembly Scout.

nexonar Tools Tracking

Precise tool positions or positions of hands and fingers can accurately be captured and controlled in large measurement volumes in quasi real time to the nearest millimeter. Workers can therefore be clearly guided through an assembly process with our system.

nexonar Hand Tracking

The Assembly Scout can be easily adapted by a simple script configured through the user interface and so different control tasks can be set up by employees without any programming knowledge. Optionally the system provides position status information via MQTT, OpenProtocol, PROFIBUS, PROFINET or over a digital IO interface to the control office (shop floor control, inventory management system, SLS).

6DOF position tracking using components from nexonar nexonar

IR LED Single Camera Tracking System - opening and closing of a car door

nexonar Assembly Scout - Power screwdriver, MTM Tracking, nexonar Safety Scout

nexonar - We can see more
Enquire today: nexonar - next generation tracking technology
nexonar is a trademark of soft2tec GmbH
Schäfergasse 4
65428 Rüsselsheim

Contact: Kim Carolin Czuma
Telephone: +49 6142 705901 34

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Trade fair news

Exhibition „Manufacturing World“
Tokyo (24.-26.6)

nexonar will be on display at the exhibition „Manufacturing World“ at Tokyo Big Sight - Japan on 24.-26.06.2015 as an exhibitor of the distributor Nobby Tech. Ltd. You will find them at the „Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo“ at booth E4-17.

More information of the exhibition

We are pleased to welcome you.

Your team of Nobby Tech. Ltd.

Manufacturing World

nexonar Manufacturing World 3  nexonar Manufacturing World 2

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Product news

nexonar - Inertial Measurement Units change our lives

nexonar is a specialist for 3D coordinate measurement and motion capturing. The Japanese company LP Research is partner for inertial measurement units (inertial measurement unit - IMU). nexonar now offers IMUs for those interested in the European market. Through the close cooperation of both companies, complex individual solutions can be implemented in the area of 3D motion tracking for customers. 

The advantage of the LP Research platform is that the fusion of complex mathematical sensor data is already included. This dramatically reduces development times and prevents failures in product development. Different setups can be simply configured and controlled to find the optimum conditions for each individual application as quickly as possible. An indispensable basis for a low-cost development of IMU applications.   

The nexonar team supports your development team with optimal solutions for your requirements. We are happy to consult with you so that you quickly and effectively get ahead in the IMU development environment.

LP Research IMU software

Application of IMUs:

Motion analysis in the fields of rehabilitation, ergonomics studies, sports, the automotive sector, robotics, automation in the production environment, animation in the film and game sector etc.  There are many new ways to control and monitor your applications. 

Together with the use of the software LPMS Control, the sensors also offer an effective training tool in the fields of research and teaching.

A variety of IMU variants for a wide range of integration needs are offered. From the wireless version with Bluetooth, to IMUs in robust metal housing with CAN-bus and other protocols. 

The firmware, as well as the control software, is available as open source. Various filter modules and a streamlined body model are also available for the fast development of applications, such as gait analysis, for example, which are offered via license models.  

There is high demand for the Bluetooth motion sensor LPMS-B. This is very versatile and enables precise high speed measurement for orientation and relative position. High-speed orientation data with six degrees of freedom can be obtained by the use of three different micro systems (MEMS - gyroscope three-axle, tri-axial acceleration sensor and three-axle magnetometer). The LPMS B communicates via Bluetooth to a host system.

The LPMS-USBAL and the LPMS-CANAL in rugged waterproof metal housings can be simply connected to a host system. Fast data transfer allows sampling rates of up to 400 Hz. The IMUs are well suited for the measurement of human and machine movements in spacial and cost-critical applications. The LPMS-UARTAL is also available in a similar metal housing. This motion sensor can be connected via a UART port, either through a TTL or RS232 signal.

nexonar also offers a so-called "Maker Edition" of the sensors, which concentrates on the essentials and dispenses with the housing. By the reduced space requirements of the Maker Edition, it can be incorporated into existing systems.

Extensive information including datasheets to download are available on the nexonar website

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Trade fair/product news

nexonar motion detection (6DoF) with new MOCAP technology - Single Camera Tracking

nexonar expands its Tracking Technology portfolio with the nexonar IR SCT (single camera tracking). The new single camera-based procedure identifies Infrared-Diodes (IR-LEDs) in 3D-space.The 6DoF tracking has been developed specifically for applications, in which the objects or persons must be measured in a larger environment. Compared to the nexonar ultrasound-based components, the IR technology offers the option to analyze multiple objects in 3D space with up to 150 Hz in quasi real time. Both technologies can be combined and thus increase the flexibility in the use of the nexonar MOCAP platform.

Precise measurement of motion in space is thus made even easier. People, tools, machinery, vehicles. The technology used is simple, precise and cost-effective compared to existing technology. As with the ultrasound-based nexonar 3DListener, the nexonar single camera tracking system can also be used in Cluster mode. A simple procedure allows the overlapping of different nexonar receivers to a multi-receiver system to extend the volume of the measuring area.

The video shows how easy the nexonar MOCAP components can be implemented by showing examples of different applications, giving food for thought for creative minds.

The new video here

Cluster „Line“ 1...n

IR LED Mocap Cluster

IR LED Single Camera Tracking

Please contact us if you would like more information - Tel. +49 6142 705 901 0.

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