nexonar IR Tracker

nexonar expands its Tracking Technology portfolio with the nexonar IR SCT (single camera tracking). The new single camera-based procedure identifies Infrared-Diodes (IR-LEDs) in 3D-space. The 6DoF tracking has been developed specifically for applications, in which the objects or persons must be measured in a larger environment. Compared to the nexonar ultrasound-based components, the IR technology offers the option to analyze multiple objects in 3D space with up to 162 Hz in quasi real time. Both technologies can be combined and thus increase the flexibility in the use of the nexonar MOCAP platform.

Precise measurement of motion in space is thus made even easier. People, tools, machinery, vehicles. The technology used is simple, precise and cost-effective compared to existing technology.

The nexonar single camera tracking system can also be used in cluster mode. A simple procedure allows the overlapping of different nexonar receivers to a multi-receiver system to extend the volume of the measuring area.

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