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nexonar Augmented Production

Microsoft HoloLens - die nexonar Assembly Scout AR App

Innovative technology for innovative companies

Augmented Reality offers new options. The AR glasses from Microsoft are now used as part of the nexonar Assembly Scout to store positions and optimize sequences. Especially in complex assemblies with many positions, it is very helpful in real time to get a direct visual impression of the relevant position detection in Assembly Scout in relation to the real workplace. In the future, this new technology will also enable remote service operations to understand how a workplace has been set up. The system offers excellent possibilities, especially when training new em­ployees.

The position data of the HoloLens are merged with the data of the nexonar system. The MQTT protocol (Message Queue Tele­metry Transport), which has become popular in the M2M env­ironment (machine to machine), integrates the spectacles and enables the data exchange.

The real workspace is displayed to the user along with the hand­ ling areas stored in the Assembly Scout.

Assembly Scout AR App

Assembly Scout seamlessly integrates with AR tools and devices to deliver stunning realtime information about the health and status of your processes.

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