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RTLS – Real Time Location Services

The nexonar brand accompanies companies into Industry 4.0, where digitization is lived. Don't miss the connection. We are all part of a constant transformation.

Tool Tracking System

In the automotive industry, workers perform various work steps at assembly stations. For example, workers have to place screws in engine blocks and tighten them. With the help of the nexonar Assembly Scout worker assistance system, screwdriver positions can be monitored dynamically.

Pick & Place Software

The camera-based systems from nexonar can be used in goods picking or in production, where material has to be put together. By dispensing with pick-by-light systems, a lot of time can be saved. Hand tracking made easy.

Augmented Production

Worker guidance in the assembly area through 3D visualization with one or more 3D lasers, helps to avoid errors and to perform work without additional viewing of the monitor. The nexonar system can be maintained by the mixed reality app nexonar AR Assembly Scout.

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