RTLS – Real Time Location Services

Zero failure production

nexonar prevents errors due to position checks in 3D space in cycle and flow production.

Cost reduction

Minimization of testing effort through clear assignment of manual activities.

Digitization and documentation

Control tasks in 3D space and paperless filing of inspection results.

Reduction of complex automation

Fast introduction of 3D control tasks into existing processes.

Worker Guidance

Assistance with complex assembly tasks through Augmented Production.

Order picking

Pick & Place - clear events during boxing interventions.

nexonar systems in automation

Position and position determination in flow manufacturing (FTS).

Event Based Reporting

Process data evaluation made easy.


MTM, REFA, motion analysis.


Efficient instruction for workers.


The position and location of objects (tools, hands) are simultaneously recorded in real time.


Definition and testing of working rules for hand-held tasks.

We offer 3D real time object monitoring (RTLS - Real Time Location System) to a high level of positioning precision.

nexonar software and hardware are used in the automotive, aerospace industries, logistics, medical technologies and sports.

The camera-based nexonar systems combined with their innovative software are used worldwide.

Users and partners

Tool Tracking


In the automotive industry, workers carry out various work steps at assembly stations. For example, workers have to place screws in engine blocks and tighten them. With the help of the worker assistance system nexonar Assembly Scout, screwdriver positions can be dynamically monitored.

Pick & Place


The camera-based systems from nexonar can be used in goods picking or in production, where material has to be put together. By dispensing with pick-by-light systems, a lot of time can be saved. Hand tracking made easy.

Augmented Production

Laser-based technologies and new HoloLens functions for the visualization of complex work tasks. With the AR glasses from Microsoft and the nexonar Assembly Scout AR App, workflows can be trained or optimized.

The Assembly Scout laser module supports the worker at the workplace. A laser is used for visual guidance.

For Production & Logistics

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