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Motion Capture

Poka Yoke - the nexonar Assembly Scout software enables error-free picking. Movements of tools or hands are analyzed in real time. The Scout assists and helps to avoid errors.

nexonar Assembly Scout – live Poka Yoke!

The software system with the zero-error principle is so easy

The nexonar Assembly Scout is connected with a nexonar Single Camera. This is adjusted in the direction of the intervention areas. A nexonar Tracker is located on the glove or on the arm of the worker. The camera picks up the signals of the nexonar Tracker with 6DOF in virtual real time. Several Trackers can be captured with a nexonar Single Camera in an area of approximately 8.8 x 4.8 m.

A nexonar Single IR Camera System records a work area with a depth of 0.2 - 5.5 m. With a single nexonar wide-angle camera in a range up to 20 m, depending on the size of the nexonar IR tracker and the accuracy requirements relevant for the application.

The system can be quickly retrofitted to workplaces. The component boxes do not need complicated wiring. No additional sensors are required for quality assurance.

Even without an ERP system and connection to a control net- work, the Assembly Scout is simple to use.
The nexonar Assembly Scout can be aligned to your application in a short time.

The worker makes contact on a calibration button with a tweezers grip and sets the gripping positions of his finger position by clicking. Now the positions of the two finger tips caught by the 3D camera.

With the help of a nexonar Hard Probe Lite the contact areas of the boxes and the grip sequences can be set. The alignment is easily and quickly done with the nexonar software "Assembly Scout". Different formulas can be configured or loaded. 

The intelligent nexonar software system "Assembly Scout" supports the picker in a manual assembly process and makes error-free work possible.

  • More efficient than pick-by-light systems (time and initial cost savings

  • More efficient than scanner based systems (time savings)

  • Reduction of errors, because incorrect grips are immediately recognized

  • = Your competitive advantage by improving the productivity of your employees

Time saving in the monitoring of gripping positions

Pick-by-light systems cost valuable time by having to press the confirmation button after each selection process in a box. This time per selection can be saved. The nexonar Assembly Scout requires not only no confirmation of the hand movement but also detects any hand movement in any direction (6DOF).

In addition, the time-consuming wiring and installation of Pick- by-Light systems have a high cost factor that can also be saved with the nexonar Assembly Scout.

Photo by Ubimax GmbH

By using the nexonar Assembly Scout, the industrial wearable computing solutions “Pick-by-Vision“, from Ubimax, can be equipped with intelligent software

In warehouses, the pickers organize incoming and outgoing goods, sort goods, check stocks and perform inventories. To help staff save time and improve quality, the nexonar Assembly Scout can be used.

The pickers are equipped with smart glasses from Ubimax, through which they receive virtual screen messages. The location of the pickup order within a warehouse is shown using arrows.

Arriving at the correct shelf, the pickers can see which part they must select by hand and put on the transport cart with the help of the message shown in the smart glasses.

The worker wears a nexonar tracker on his arm and receives a confirmation with the correct selection. In case the worker makes an selection error he also gets a message via the smart glasses.

As an alternative to the smart glasses a Ubimax smart watch can also be used, which can issue pick-up orders. The next pick-up order appears on the screen, displaying, for example, the shelf and tray number.

The "pick-by-vision" system allows picking in which both hands of the employees remain free and thus increasing the speed.

Only wi-fi is required in the logistics halls to implement this. The pickers need neither a map nor a work list of the pick-up orders in the hand. Neither do the steps of the process need to be confirmed by pressing any buttons anywhere in the warehouse.

With the use of modules from Ubimax to check weight, barcode scans or voice confirmations, error rates can be further reduced.