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Case Studies

Explore all the case studies by nexonar. Discover the myriad possibilities of nexonar products and how they could elevate your production to new heights!

Renault Trucks

The integration of the nexonar solution at a new assembly line helped Renault Trucks to solve their challenges:

  • Guarantee reliable error proffing on an assembly section with a high number of tightening points.
  • Allow both operator guidance and point-by-point traceability of tightening parameters.
  • Implement an intelligent system perfectly suited to the new assembly line and compatible with existing tracebility software.

Major Automotive Manufacturer

Find out how nexonar's innovative technology is helping a major automotive manufacturer to improve the

  • tightening quality.
  • operator safety.
  • lack of traceability.
  • system compatibility.


Learn more about how the nexonar solution helps DRÄXLMAIER to

  • monitor the correct positioning and mounting of hundreds of screw on high-voltage batteries.
  • alowing operators to mount in parallel.
  • keep screwing tools flexible and ergonomical for the operators.

⇒ Now available as an audiobook!

FORVIA Faurecia

The nexonar real-time location system helps FORVIA Faurecia on their challenge to 

  • improve quality control.
  • improve flexibility.
  • support high duty cycles.
  • reduce operator error.

⇒ Now available as an audiobook!