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Tool Tracking

The nexonar Assembly Scout and screwdriver mounting

In the automotive industry, workers at assembly areas perform different work steps. These workers must, for example, place bolts in engine blocks and tighten them. With the help of the nexonar software Assembly Scout, the screwdriver positions can be dynamically monitored.

For this, a nexonar Tracker is fastened on the screwdriver. The nut of the screwdriver is measured by the nexonar position calibrator and captured by pressing a button. Here, the position of the nut is captured and is continuously tracked when the screwdriver is moved.

A nexonar Single Camera is installed with a clear view to the assembly location. This records the movements of the nexonar Tracker with 163 Hz in virtual real time and gives the information directly to the nexonar Assembly Scout. Up to 8 Trackers can be captured with a nexonar Single Camera in an area of approximately 8.8 x 4.8 m. A nexonar Single IR Camera System records a work area with a depth of 0.2 - 5.5 m. With a single nexonar wide-angle camera in a range up to 20 m, depending on the size of the nexonar IR tracker and the accuracy requirements relevant for the application.

The operator then enters his instructions in the Assembly Scout assistant-software and gets the relevant work information displayed on the screen. After tightening the part, the next work step is displayed to the operator. If the worker accidentally sets the screwdriver to a wrong screw, the screwdriver is not released and allows no action to be carried out. Errors can be avoided. So, for example, different screwdrivers can be identified easily at a work station and the relevant steps or work areas activated or deactivated. A wide range of production sequences, depending on the product to be manufactured, can be stored in the software. Many configurations are possible. Existing sensors, proximity switches, or a feedback from the screw controller about a successful fitting can be integrated in quality control assessment. Even without an ERP system and connection to a parent network, the Assembly Scout is easy to use. Workers are relieved. Errors are avoided. Changing and complex production instructions can be learned quickly and executed without errors.


Well-known manufacturers of screwdriving tools are already using nexonar for precise location in order to be able to clearly assign screwdriving positions in assembly processes.
Among others, interfaces to Desoutter, Apex/Cleco, Bosch Rexroth and Atlas Copco are available. With permanently integrated nexonar trackers, millimeter-precise positioning is possible.

An oil pump with screw positions

A nexonar IR Tracker is attached to the motor mount with a magnet. The operations on the engine block are now relative to the motion of the trackers on the engine block. After processing, the operator transmits the reference tracker with one hand grip.

The engine block has a reference tracker and is in constant motion within the measuring area of the nexonar camera. The reference tracker displays one or more target locations in three-dimensional space via the Assembly Scout software.

Different formulas can be created in nexonar Assembly Scout. As an example, the number of screw connections to be carried out can be defined. The operators can then see on screen what connections still need to be made to complete a step.

Dynamic measurements in flow production

The software system can be deployed for dynamic measurement in many areas of continuous flow production in the automotive industry.

Here, a reference Tracker is attached to the moving work piece. The reference Tracker forms a coordinate system and furthermore defines the target points on the work piece. The nexonar Camera captures the dynamic destination point and sends the location data in virtual real time to the nexonar Assembly Scout software. If steps are carried out, such as screw connections on the moving object, these can be checked for completeness or accuracy.

An example of dynamic positioning: