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nexonar is a brand of soft2tec GmbH (soft2tec.com) in Rüsselsheim am Main in Germany. Since 2004, soft2tec has been developing 3D motion capture solutions for industry, sports and medical applications.

In 2012 nexonar is established in the market as a brand of soft2tec. Together with the Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences and the University of Mainz (Prof. Dr. Schwanecke, Prof. Dr. Schoemer, Dr. Tjaden) the IR based motion capture system is developed in 2014 within a ZIM cooperation project 'Optishot' for precise motion measurement in shooting sports, which today is the basis for the nexonar products and solutions.

Today, nexonar 3D motion capture solutions are an integral part of quality assurance in assembly and logistics. Motion sequences are captured in position and attitude, analyzed based on rules and processes are controlled in real time. Position in space in real time for Industry 4.0 and IoT applications.

In all important production locations, nexonar is available through its worldwide partner network.

Interesting facts

What is Industry 4.0?

In the 4th industrial revolution, production is equipped with intelligent digital networked systems. In intelligent factories (smart factories) production is largely self-organised. Humans and machines communicate with each other, where the entire value chain is intelligently dovetailed to create flexible and effi- cient production. From the idea to the product to recycling, all life cycles are included and can be optimized.

Through this digitalization, economies and society are changing worldwide and new working methods and processes have arisen.

Individually tailored products for customers can be made more easily and less expensively. As an example, a lack or delay in the delivery of raw materials within the value chain is immediately visible and being able to look ahead leaves room for fast reactions to initiate alternatives.

nexonar is part of Industry 4.0 with its 3D motion tracking technologies and support for companies in their innovative future-oriented developments.

nexonar Assembly Scout in Industry 4.0

What is the role of nexonar Assembly Scout in Industry 4.0?

Manual assembly tasks in the production are tested today by some complex modifications in the workplace. The collaboration of human and machine (or, in the future, robots), requires the monitoring of positions of the human body, such as the hands and tools in order to avoid collisions and errors.

The pursuit of customers for individual products calls for fast and easy solutions despite their complex requirements. The innovative nexonar software system "Assembly Scout" successfully supports this through its user-friendly operation and integration in existing production processes for companies in production and logistics. The system is used for quality supervision of both people and tools. Action sequences of workers in manual assembly or optimal tool positioning can be quickly learned and reviewed in real time, to improve cycle times and quality.

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