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The definitions of the terms are only used here in connection with nexonar. The partly ambiguous definitions are ignored.

  • 3D

    is the abbreviation for three-dimensional. It describes the spatial representation of bodies and usually consists of the spatial dimensions length, height and width. To represent an object in 3D means to represent every point of this object and its position in space by a vector whose components determine the coordinates in three-dimensional space.

  • 3DAWin (Software)

    provides users of the nexonar tracking systems with a tool which, based on the generated spatial coordinates, is able to quickly evaluate the motion signals, e.g. arbitrary movements such as grab movements, movements while playing music, sports or movements of objects in space. 3DAWin can synchronize itself with the nexonar Motion Visualizer, thus enabling parallel video analysis. More...

  • 6DOF

    stands for the abbreviation of 6 degrees of freedom, denotes the 6 degrees of freedom of an object in space (term from aviation), forward / backward, up / down, right / left, fluctuation left / right, yaw (rotation around the vertical axis of the object), angular movement right / left, tilt (rotation around the lateral axis of the object), rolling movement (rotation around the forward axis of the object).

  • Assembly Scout (Software)

    The nexonar Assembly Scout software supports workers in manual assembly and picking. Tool positions or positions of body parts, such as the hands and fingers, can be precisely recorded and controlled in quasi real time with millimetre precision in their movement in large measuring volumes. Workers are guided through the assembly process by the nexonar Assembly Scout software. More...

  • Assembly Scout AR App

    The Augmented Reality glasses from Microsoft are used within the software nexonar Assembly Scouts. It can facilitate complex assemblies with many positions in real time by simulating an immediate visual impression of the relevant position detection from the nexonar Assembly Scout on the real workstation. The position data of the HoloLens are merged with the data of the nexonar system. More...

  • CMM

    Coordinate Measuring Machine in mechanical engineering - a >coordinate measuring machine is a measuring device for determining the Cartesian coordinates (X, Y, Z) of a point at an object in space. The combination of several measurements of further points with data processing results in different geometric quantities and properties of a measuring object.

  • Hard Probe

    is a measuring component of nexonar for 3D coordinate acquisition in combination with the software nexonar Motion Visualizer and the software nexonar Assembly Scout. A reference coordinate system, for example, can be taught-in by probing reference points. Several Hard Probes can be used in parallel. More...

  • IR Single Camera

    Methods identify infrared diodes (IR LEDs) in 3D space. The 6DoF-Tracking was developed especially for applications in which objects or persons in a larger environment have to be measured. Compared to ultrasonic-based components, IR technology offers the option of analyzing several objects simultaneously in 3D space up to 163 Hz in quasi real-time. More...

  • Life Science

    equated with life sciences or food sciences, which are indicative of research directions and training courses dealing with processes or structures of living beings or in which living beings are involved.

  • Motion Capture

    also called motion tracking. It refers to a tracking method that describes the capture of motion in a readable format for computers. 3D motion capture applications, such as the components of nexonar, can be used to analyze, record and process motion.

  • Mocap

    is the abbreviation for Motion Capture.

  • Measurement technology

    at nexonar it deals with devices and methods for the determination (measurement) of 3D coordinates, but also with physical quantities such as distances, force, pressure, temperature or time.

  • Motion Tracking

    Motion Capture is a tracking method that describes the capture of motion in a readable format for computers. Motion tracking applications, such as the nexonar components, can be used to analyze, record, and process motion.

  • nexonar MotionLab

    By clustering several nexonar IR cameras, variable measurement room sizes can be realized and thus flexible measurements and analyses of dynamic processes as well as measurements of static coordinates can be carried out. Even the smallest movements can be measured in quasi real time and allow a wide range of different motion sports to be performed. More...

  • Motion Visualizer (Software)

    is the configuration tool for all nexonar tracking components. It is available as Single and Cluster Edition to configure different setups. The software is an ideal tool for creating studies under laboratory conditions. Videos can be recorded parallel to the motion analysis. More...

  • XYZ-Koordinaten

    is the Cartesian coordinate system used to describe an object in 3D space.

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